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Bollywood Star's Secret Success Recipe For Strugglers

Actor, Acting and On camera acting-Bollywood Actor Ranbir Kapoor
Actor, Acting and On camera acting-Bollywood Actor Ranbir Kapoor

My acting career hasn't really taken off. What to do?

I want to become an actor. What experienced actors say?


Do You Have Knowledge, Wisdom, And Know:

What's A Life Of An Actor?

What's The Strange and Fascinating Inside Of Acting For Camera?

Knowledge: Is being aware of something, and having information. it's really about facts and ideas that we actors acquire through study, research,, observation, training or experience.

Wisdom: Is the ability to analyze and judge which aspects of that knowledge are true, and applicable to our acting craft and life

Learn And Share Experience Of A Star

These are the saying from the experience of a successful Bollywood *actor- author
(*name is hidden on request)

The Life Of An Actor

  • No person in the industry is your friend who demands your silence or denies your right to grow
  • I gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which I really stop to look fear in the face. I'm able to say to myself, “I lived through this horror of terrible struggle and rejections. I can take the next thing that comes along… I must do the thing I think I cannot do- A winning actor after struggle
  • Don't worry, not all forms of abuse like rejections and criticism leave bruises
  • There are far too many silent suffering actors. Not because they don’t desire to succeed, but because they’ve tried and found no one who cares
  • Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful
  • Nobody criticizes and abuses us more than we do to ourselves
  • When objective and path is not known, self-abuse is unavoidable

The Realities Of Acting for the camera


  • On camera, a tear contains an ocean. The cinematographer is aware of the tiny moments while an actor is portraying 'life' that reveal greater truths
  • Conflict and contrast is what makes acting for camera interesting. So create one, even subtly
  • There are always two people in every frame of the movie camera: the photographer and the viewer
  • A movie camera doesn’t shoot, actor makes it
  • There is only you and the camera. The limitations are in yourself, for what viewers see is what you are
  • Cinematography is the story I fail to put into words
  • Smile and don't hate when someone looks at your on camera performance and says, “Wow, you have a great camera!". It's not a viewer, could be one of the thousands of ignorant
  • Nothing happens when you sit at home. Carry a mobile with a camera with you at all times. Observe keenly and just shoot anything interesting-types of people, situations, reactions, behaviors...
  • The camera is a love affair with life
  • On camera is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality
  • Your performance on camera is "imaginary" you want to create with reality
  • The cinematography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving life. What you have given on film is captured forever… The camera remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything
  • Which of my on camera performance is my favorite? The one I’m going to give tomorrow
  • When dialogs and words become difficult, speak with expressions focusing on the camera. When even that becomes inadequate, be content with silence

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Not For Aimless Bums | How To Become A Star Celebrity Actor

Secret weapon of achiever actors

Secret weapon of the achiever actors

How To Become An Actor
How To Become Really A Good Actor
How To Improve Your Acting Skills To Be A Famous And Rich 

1. Requirements to become an actor

  • Get decently educated
  • Do online research on requirements
  • Develop and maintain good body
  • Learn to speak good Hindi or needed language
  • Learn acting in a good school or by an acting coach
  • Read good acting books
  • Create a professional portfolio and resume
  • Create small short films with you on any subject on mobile. Request friends/relatives
  • Create video introduction, monolog 
  • Get registered with good artist coordinators/casting directors
  • Be a good networker
  • Learn to market and promote career vigorously
  • Arrange reasonable money to sustain you for a considerable period
  • Learn to accept and manage rejections and criticism.
  • Have patience
  • Don't give up

2. How to become really a good actor

  • Read the entire script 2-3 times
  • Understand objective and how script fulfills those objectives
  • Divide script scene wise and identify the above same as in (2)
  • Find out changes (rhythm and tempo) in script-beginning, middle and in the end
  • Create the character you intend portraying:
  • Create physical. mental and social profile
  • Ask and answer several key questions about your character
  • Know your character's defining desire
  • Practice your lines until they become second nature
  • Talk to the director everything you want to know about the character 
  • Learn to transform putting yourself in the shoes of your character
  • Learn how to act for the camera
  • Make giving good audition and on camera performance your job 

3. How to improve your existing acting skills to become a famous and rich

  • Always look for new ways to improve on an acting skill you are-
A. Inadequate
B. Hasn't learned and added like swimming, dancing, singing, parkouring, martial arts, new languages, new regional accents of a country
C. Keep studying and reading
D. Learn all top acting techniques of the world by great teachers-
Stanislavski's System. One of the world's most frequently taught acting techniques
Meisner, and Lee Strasberg
Lee Strasberg's Method
Stella Adler
*Meisner Technique
*Michael Chekhov
*Practical Aesthetics
Uta Hagen
Viola Spolin
E. Get inspired by those great actors and actresses.
F. Watch regularly movies with good acting performance and practice
G. Update your acting skills through workshops, theater, attending film festivals and by regular re-training till you die
H. Remain persistent even when you are rejected
I. An acting coach can give you one-on-one guidance that is tailored to a specific need of yours

Wishing you to be a great actor with name, fame, and money
-Your Acting Coach

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How To Grab Role In Auditions | 2 Sure Selection Tips

How to control and win auditions acting career
Winning Filmfare best actor award, name, fame, and money 

I'm struggling for a long but no success. Help

I'm getting small roles in Films and TV serials but not good and regular roles. What to do?

How to succeed as an actor in Films and TV serials in Mumbai?

Too many rejections in auditions. Frustrated. What to do?

Quitting acting due to no success in acting career. Is there any solution?


Ambitious people are always striving for success and acting is no different. The question of how to be a successful actor has bothered thousands of actors and experts.  
There’s good news, and then there’s bad news.

The good news is that there are 2 guaranteed formulas on how to win auditions and be a successful actor.

The bad news, however, is that these 2 formulas are not easy to crack. But if you stick with it, follow the rules, play the game, and give it all you’ve got, you might be a star in Bollywood or Hollywood or in TV.

Controlling  And Winning Your Auditions and Acting Career

Step 1.

Get selected in auditions

Don't go for every audition. Check if it suits you 
Before you apply and go for audition 

Prescription 1

Your Type = age range + jobs + attitude


  • Your type

We are all born a certain way, with a certain “look” and unless we want to commit to drastic plastic surgery, then we will be cast as specific roles in our acting careers. It’s up to actors to be smart enough to identify that look, harness it, and use it to our advantage. Are you look and suitable for:


  • Leading man/woman
  • 2nd man/woman
  • College student
  • Teacher, professor or principal
  • Village farmer
  • Good or a bad friend
  • Common street man/woman
  • Shopkeeper
  • Taxi driver
  • Businessman
  • Executive
  • Priest / Pujari
  • Crooked and sly
  • Comedian
  • Look belonging to a particular ethnicity like South Indian, North East etc
  • Short, Tall, Fat, Sickly
  • With a particular voice, accent and body language

How to conclude your 'Type'

  • Take a good hard look in the mirror. Pay attention to your face, your weight, your ethnicity, and your personality. Do you have a receding hairline? Do you have a thick accent? Listen to your voice. Do you sound smart and articulate when you talk, or do you sound uneducated? Be. Honest
  •  Finally, ask your close friends, an acting coach, or anyone who will be honest with you. Your good friends will be honest with you.

  • Age range

For example, you look between 22-32. This is called as screen age range

  • Jobs

Audition requirements for a role eg. college student, hot, sexy, taxi driver, shopkeeper, professor, middle-aged father, character actor, businessman etc

  • Attitude

As an individual are you a positive, negative, shy, aggressive, introvert, smiling, argumentative, peaceful, brave etc?

Step 2. 

Have A Successful Actor

Prescription 2

(P + HW + T) × L = S


What is this, you ask? This is your equation of success. This is your formula towards succeeding in acting business. It’s

P: Perseverance
HW: Hard Work
T: Talent; 
Then all of the above multiplied by 
X: Multiply by luck
Equals to 
Thumbs up

If you want to implement the above 2 formulas, we would love to have you join us

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Apply Or Regret | 8 Morning Things To Do To Become Top Actor

Success, awards and fame-Bollywood Stars
Success, awards, and fame-Bollywood Stars

As an actor are you in a terrible struggling period for a long time?
It doesn't matter how "successful" or disciplined you've been in the past. An actor's  failure happens and things get off track. The only constant is a "Change". Subconsciously, your eating can get off. You can become more sensitive, reactive, irritable, depressive and spend more time on social media and other distractions than you want.
The best and fastest way out of this shit of constant struggling mode is a solid morning routine. Whether you've had one, or even still have one, I challenge you to read this and evaluate how well you're truly doing.
I'm confident you can improve.
Your Benefactor

8 Things Every Actor Should Do In The Morning

Life is busy. It can feel impossible to move toward your dreams of becoming an actor, from a middle/limited financially class of families, ignorant, non-graduate and inadequately proficient in Hindi and Spoken English, it’s even harder.

How do you go forward?
If you don’t have and practiced Time Management, without question, your time will get lost in the chaos of our increasingly crowded lives. Before you know it, you’ll be frustrated— wondering where all that time went.
However, live every moment of your life on your own terms.


  • You are the designer of your destiny.
  • You are responsible.
  • You get to decide. You must decide — because if you don’t, time doesn't wait!
  • So, change your life quickly.

Is it really simple?
Yes, it’s really quite simple:

  • Wake up
  • Get in the zone
  • Get moving
  • Put the right food in your body
  • Get ready
  • Get inspired
  • Get perspective
  • Do something to move you forward


1. Must have 7+ Hours of Sleep

Let’s face it — Sleep is just as important as eating and drinking water. Despite this, millions of people do not sleep enough and experience insane problems as a result.

A healthy amount of sleep could benefit you by:

  • Increased memory
  • Longer life
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased attention and focus
  • Decreased fat and increased muscle mass with exercise
  • Lower stress
  • Decreased dependence on pseudo-stimulants like tea, coffee, gutka, alcohol
  • Decreased risk of getting into accidents
  • Decreased risk of depression

2. Practicing Relaxation And Auto-Suggestion Techniques 

After waking from a healthy and restful sleep session, practicing relaxation and auto suggestion techniques are crucial for an actor's  optimism and confidence creating a positive person in you.

3. Exercise

A good hot body is one of the fundamental requirements to become an actor in films, TV, as a model, and in commercials
Additionally, exercise has been found to decrease your chance of depression, anxiety, and stress. It is also related to higher success in your career.
If you don’t care about your body, every other aspect of your life will suffer.

4. Eat Proteins

Examples: cottage cheese, Indian pulses (Arhar, Moong, Beans) and vegetables, skimmed milk, lean meat like chicken, fish, eggs, nuts and dry fruits
Protein-rich foods keep you full longer than other foods because they take longer to leave the stomach. Also, protein keeps blood-sugar levels steady, which prevents spikes in hunger.
Eating protein decreases cravings for junk, oily and Indian masala rich foods.

5. Take daily a cold water bath

Cold water bath facilitates physical and mental wellness when practiced regularly, it provides long-lasting changes to your body’s disease defense, circulatory and digestive systems that improve the quality of your life. It can also increase weight-loss because it boosts your metabolism.
Studies prove taking cold showers routinely can help treat depression often more effective than prescription medications. That’s because cold water triggers a wave of mood-boosting elements you which make you feel happy.

6. Listen, See and Read Mood Uplifting Content

Ordinary people seek entertainment. Actors seek education, learning, and entertainment. Successful actors are constantly learning to improve their acting craft and to keep them regularly motivated and uplifted. For example, before audition listen to soothing old semi-classical music (songs and instrumental) to calm your nerves.

7. Set Your Goal (Life Vision) And Review Periodically

Your goals should be written down — short term and long term. Taking just a few minutes to read your life vision puts you on a right path.
If you read your long term goals every day you will think about them every day. If you think about them every day and spend your days working toward them.
Achieving goals is a method. If you follow a simple pattern, you can accomplish all of your goals, no matter how big they are.
A fundamental aspect of that is writing them down and reviewing them every single day.

8. One Thing Daily Towards Long-Term Goals

Willpower is like a muscle improves when it is exercised. Similarly, our ability to make good decisions improves over time. The more decisions actions at a time you make lead to the weaker willpower.So, one thing at a time
Consequently, you need to do the tough work first thing in the morning. This is a must stuff.


After you’ve done all the above, no matter what you have for the rest of your day, you’ll have done the important things first. You’ll have put yourself in a place to succeed. You’ll have moved toward your dreams to become a star actor.

Guaranteed Results Are

  • You’ll show up better in life. You’ll be better at your auditions and scene filming.  You’ll be better in your relationships. You’ll be happier. You’ll be more confident. 
  • You’ll be more bold and daring. 
  • You’ll have more clarity and vision.
  • Your life will shortly change.
  • You’ll quickly find you’re doing the work you’re passionate about.
  • Your relationships will be passionate, meaningful, deep, and fun!
  • You will have freedom in daily life. 
  • The film, TV Commercial world, and the connected people will respond to you in beautiful ways.

Act Now!

If you want to focus on the right activities and get results 10 x 100% faster than most people, practice it NOW!
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