Want To Be A Bollywood Actor? Here Is Easy And Fast Way

Marketing acting through YouTube

Today, the marketing and promotion of an actor's career have become one of the key factors of success in a highly competitive. You may be the most handsome hunk or really beautiful and a hot female actor with best in the acting techniques, it's of no use if you are not known among lakhs of aspiring actors for Bollywood or TV serials.
YouTube is a very powerful media for promotion. However, you may say "I'm a beginner and have no video/ film to upload on YouTube". No problem! Is your portfolio with photos and a resume ready? Well, create a wonderful slideshow on YouTube, give a catchy title, description, and keywords and just publish it. Promote vigorously on social media, on your website, Google pages, groups and you are done!
Here is an example of my YouTube Slide Show "Want To Be A Bollywood Actor?" as an acting coach.

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