8 Steps Of "Acting Business Success" To Prevent Failure

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8 steps to success of acting business

Acting isn't all about portraying with excellence the character and being truthfully in a scene. If you can't get a  break, it's not uncommon and much at all. Acting is only possible if somebody's prepared to sit and watch you perform. Nothing can happen unless you are noticed among thousands.

Your Chances

The statistics are terrifying, with something like 92% of the actors are out of work at any one time. What the figure doesn't reveal is that some 8% get work continuously while the same 92% never get into a situation of working regularly. Unfortunately, this 8% success rate comprises of actors with-

  • Sheer luck like winning a lottery 
  • Close relative of top producers, directors or financiers in the industry
  • Actors who can invest to get a job
  • Actors willing to sell themselves (with any price) to get a break

However, the fact is all the above can never guarantee a regular acting assignment and earning the tag of "Market Actor" (know industry actor)
The trick, therefore, is to be in the top 8% minus ABCD as above.

How this could be achieved under current cut-throat competition in the industry?

The Truth

 Acting is a Business: Learn to Market Yourself

For anyone aspiring to be a professional actor, knowing your craft is only half the battle. You also need to know how to go out into the real world and find paid acting work. Understanding the business side of the acting industry is absolutely crucial if you want to make a living as an actor. If you can get to grips with these elements of the acting life, you will be well on your way to making a career for yourself as a professional actor.

The Begining

  • Set your acting and life goal-Long and short term and the plan of action
  • Follow-up

Promoting Your Name

No matter how good an actor you are, if nobody knows about you then you aren’t going to get any work. Making sure the right people are aware of you and what you can do is absolutely fundamental. So how do you do that?

Step 1

Promotional Package
The first step is to put together a proper promotional package to send to casting directors,  production houses, and artist coordinators. This should include your actor’s CV, a set of the professional-quality portfolio (head shots) and, ideally, a professional-quality acting showreel plus or video introduction

A  package containing all three of these elements will effectively demonstrate to industry gatekeepers that you have the skills and experience they are looking for. It also allows them to judge the kind of roles you might be suitable for. That way they can start offering you appropriate auditions or recommend you to other industry professionals who may be able to offer you work.

Step 2

In the modern digital age, it’s increasingly easy (and important) for actors to market themselves online. There are several ways you can this but the most popular and effective are creating a website with the same information found in your promotional package and making good use of social media.

Step 3

Build Connections
The old saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” isn’t entirely true, but it’s not completely false either. The truth is, success in the acting industry is about what you know AND who you know. Getting to know the right people means when opportunities arise, they can give you the chance to take advantage of them. You still need the skills to make the most of those opportunities, but the industry insiders definitely help.
To make the most of your time in networking, you need to know where to go and who to speak to. Do your research and find out which casting directors, agents, and other industry figures are involved with the kind of projects you would like to work on.
One you get in a room with someone you want to connect with, be brave, smile and go say hello. A large part of succeeding is simply having the courage and self-confidence to put yourself out there. Once you have introduced yourself, find common ground and make sure to ask plenty of questions about their work while also making sure you communicate your own career ambitions without directly asking them to help straight away.

Step 4

Getting Good Artist Coordinators ( some may call themselves 'casting directors')
Every aspiring serious professional actor has to have few good career promoting guys. It’s their job to get you meetings and auditions with casting directors, directors, producers and anyone else who can offer you work. They can also chase up people for you after an audition and talk you up to increase your chances of landing a role. They’ll negotiate on your behalf when you are offered a role and a good agent will get you more money with better terms than you would be likely to achieve representing yourself. An experienced coordinator will know a lot more people in the business than you could ever hope to, so will hugely increase the opportunities available to you.
How do you find them? Again, you need to do your research. Find out online, on social media, co aspiring actors, industry people like crew members, from schools and acting coach

Step 5

Managing  Auditions
Of course, getting auditions doesn’t mean you’ve made it. You need to actually win the audition in order to progress to the bit where you’ll start getting paid. Obviously, a huge part of that comes down to how good you are as an actor, but there is also a whole load of audition etiquette that you need to know. Get this right and you’ll be judged purely on your acting. Get in a wrong and you’ll be remembered for all the wrong reasons.
Some key points for audition are

  • Be on time. Never be late
  • Be a good listener first and then respond
  • Prepare your lines
  • A high level of confidence
  • Knowing how to behave
  • Be prepared for a rejection

Step 6

Manage Your Finances
Budget and simply live within your means. Save for the rainy days

Step 7

Continuing Developing Your Professional Acting
Although we are talking about the business of acting rather than the craft of acting, the two are obviously interconnected. The more you learn as an actor, the better you will be and the more opportunities you are likely to get. This can mean taking acting classes in schools or with your acting coach, workshops, but may also involve developing additional skills such as dancing, martial arts, horse riding etc. This will also look good to agents and casting directors as it demonstrates that you are a hard worker who takes their career seriously and is open to learning and developing.

Step 8

Learning Acting Business quickly
Learning how to negotiate the business side of the acting industry can take years, while many actors never get the hang of it at all. The sooner you get to grips with the business of acting, the sooner you can start supporting yourself as a professional actor. Therefore, the best is to learn from your teacher at a school (most don't teach this in detail) or from your acting coach

good luck smily

5 Audition Success Steps To Let Your Audition Go With Bang

5 simple steps to win auditions

Not Winning Auditions?
Here Are 5 Great Audition Steps To Grab Film/TV Roles

1 – Learn Your Lines 

You’ll be asked to perform a piece from the script – so make sure you know it and remember if possible, word by word. In a regular audition, you’ll get a minus mark if you’re less than word perfect. So I expect the same from you here, at the start of your career.

2 – Make Decisions How To Play The Character

Think long and hard, and decide what’s really going on in your character’s world (The one you are going to portray). What’s that about the character not mentioned in the script? Don’t just speak your lines like hundreds of others. Don't be uncertain. Decide.

3 – Don't Hesitate To Take Risks 

You’ll get nowhere by playing it safe. So listen to that inside voice of yours, telling you to "go out and don't worry". Do something different, to bring out hidden qualities in your character. Free and open up...

4 – Make The Best Use Of Space Allowed In Front Of Camera Or The Room

If there is a scene, may be your co-actor in the audition room, think how would your character move, do things and fill the space? For example, would the character pick things up? Play with objects? Use the doors and windows? Fiddle with light switches? Involve the furniture?

5 – Be On Time

The casting people are looking at your attitude just as much as your talent. So even if there’s valid reason, a train or bus strike and the city grinds to a halt, they want to see you there on time. That shows how you are committed.

Okay – so follow these steps

Start with a bang

And your audition should go with BANG!

Are You Dreaming To Be A Bollywood Actor? Open Eyes

Struggler Arshad Warsi Now A successful Bollywood star
Arshad Warsi-Bollywood Star, who struggled for more than 10 years

Your dream of a Bollywood Star, just a dream, it's all illusion, unless you...

Know The Facts Before You Screw Up Your Career And Life

Only dreams do not help. Becoming a film star requires a lot of training, portfolio, monolog film or show reel and vigorous promotion.
There are thousands of young aspiring actors in Mumbai from all over India, better looking, great height, excellent physique and lots of money for a really prolonged struggle. Still, 95 % fail, Some do menial jobs like waiters, auto drivers or sell cheap clothes on footpaths or commit suicide in front of the producer's\director's house.

The Major Criteria

Among all the above, the 1st criterion is a good financial resource, followed by regular training.  For example, Rs. 5 to 15 Lakhs to sustain you for at least 5 to 10, years to take care of periods of financial instability, live and maintain self in Mumbai.

Read carefully the following posts which will open your eyes and bring down to the realities of an actor's life:



However, if you are prepared to face all of the above and have reasonable money, I can help and coach you individually to become an excellent actor with great chances to be a Bollywood star.
You can get the details on the following website of mine:


Page for courses, fees, syllabus, duration, registration or just consultation


Bollywood Star Isn't For You | "Be An Actor, First"~Ajay Devgn

Frustrations! Why could I not become a Bollywood Actor/
Frustrations! Why could I not become a Bollywood Actor

launch of Tata Sky's 'Acting Adda
The launch of Tata Sky's 'Acting Adda

Caution Before You Dream To Be A Film Star

  1. Don't Jump Into Sea  Without Learning Swimming. You Will Drown
  2. Learn Acting And Understand Film Industry
  3. It Takes Many Years Of Struggle, Money and PatienceTo Be a Bollywood Star
  4. Start To Be An actor, First

Ajay Devgn (One of the top Bollywood actor-producer) says aspiring actors should be passionate about the craft and not chase stardom.

"Whenever we go to small towns and interact with people they say they have wished to act since childhood and ask how one can go about it. But I question them, 'Do you want to be a star or an actor?'
"Some say they want to be a star and I feel they can't do anything. If you are interested in acting, you've to learn it. Only then you will become a star," Ajay said.

The actor was speaking at the launch of Tata Sky's 'Acting Adda', an initiative app by actor Suniel Shetty and casting director Mukesh Chhabra.

Bollywood stars and producers, Ajay Devgn and  Suniel Shetty
Bollywood stars and producers, Ajay Devgn and  Suniel Shetty 

Ajay said aspiring actors do not have a platform to showcase their talent and the initiative will give them a stage.

Suniel said many people come in the industry with dreams but often quit in the middle due to lack of opportunities. There is no money required to be in this profession.

  • *The example is this blog where an aspiring actor can read posts and practice them at home. 
  • Headshots pictures can be taken with mobile camera  
  • A free website of an actor can be created and promoted online 
  • The profile can be registered, posted and audition information can be found on many on the website like bollywoodhunts,com
*Contact for a personal acting coaching

"It is hard work but the only thing which is required here is talent... There are so many who want to learn acting but very few to teach them," he said.

Chhabra (*A leading casting director) said through the platform they can provide new talent to the industry.
"We will search for new actors through this platform and bring them to the industry. Every director today wants new actors so through this platform we will groom new talent and give them more work," he said.
* added by us

22 Reasons Of Your Terrible Failure As An Actor

Rejection in auditions
Rejection in auditions

You Just Dream To Be An Actor. No Research Done

Do Not Know The Requirements To Be A Successful Actor

Did Not Try To Find Out The Struggle Stories Of Top Actors

Never Bothered To Learn Professional Acting

Never Knew Competition

Don't Know How To Market And Promote Acting Career


You Are Bound To Fail

For A Guaranteed Success As An Actor, Reads Below:

Yes, I’m writing about why you DIDN’T get the role in an audition. Yes, even though your audition was amazing and you lit up the room with creative acting genius, you still might not get the part. I know,… you’re probably thinking, “.. But Kiran Sir, you are always so positive. Why are you talking about something negative?”
First, it’s not negative to understand why you didn’t get a job because it will free your mind of all that silly thoughts and reasons when you find out you didn’t get it. Second, and this is one of the most  important parts of learning so pay attention.
Since this is one of the most frequently asked questions to me by my present and ex students, I decided to answer it, hitting the bull’s eye!
Based on my years of experience as an actor and a short filmmaker, these are some of the reasons you didn’t get the role. They are for both-male and female actors

The Reasons

1. You’re too tall.
2. You’re too short.
3. You’re too pretty.
4. You’re not pretty enough.
5. You’re too fat.
6. You’re too thin.
7. You’re too old.
8. You’re too young.
9. You’re too serious.
10. You’re too funny.
11. You look too much like the lead (Hero/Heroine).
12. You don’t look enough like the lead.(Hero/Heroine).
13. You’re taller than the lead. (Hero/Heroine).
14. You’re shorter than the lead. (Hero/Heroine).
15. You remind the producer of his sister, and he hates his sister.
16. You are too ethnic. (For example villager, farmer, Punjabi, South Indian, Oriental looking etc.)
17. You are not ethnic enough. (For example villager, farmer, Punjabi, South Indian, Oriental looking etc.)
18. You were the first one to give audition that day.
19. You were the last one to give audition that day.
20. You look more like a friend than the lead.
21. You’re more like a lead than the  friend.
22. You look like the director’s wife and he had a fight with his wife right before he left the house this morning.
Okay, this is a small sample of the some of the reasons you didn’t get the role.
Remember, none of these are within your control. NONE!
However, there could be a positive aspect.
I strongly recommend you to do some research before you go for an audition. Perhaps, try to contact casting directors, assistant director or director before and find everything about the character you would be auditioning for. In case if you are not meeting some of the above mentioned, at least, physical profile of the character, reconsider your decision of going to auditions.
What you must understand is that your only job in an audition is to do your best work. Everything else is not up to you. The role for which you are performing in an audition is one piece of an entire puzzle. All the pieces of the puzzle must fit, for you to grab the role. The casting director, producer, and director are also fitting pieces of the puzzle together all day long. Your only job is to be the best “piece” you can be. Whether your piece of efforts fit in the slot for that piece is not up to you.
Just go to your audition. Do your best and let it go! If you’re good, they will remember you.
And now, cheer up!
Based on source 

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